Thursday, March 5, 2009

Buck Diamond Installation Guide

FOR FULL TEXT! Revised 10/1/11

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Tools You Will Need (cutters for zip straps, fine point tool for trim touchup)

Be sure to thread the strap as shown below!

For the 1990-2000 Miatas, 2001 - 2006 Forward Profile w/o hooks
and 2001 - 2006 Mid Profile, install the extension pipes FIRST.

For Mazdaspeed Miatas, the grille installs in front of the hooks like
a 2001-2006 Forward Profile grille.

Make sure they are snug, near parallel to floor (depending on how
near the front edge you want the grille), and the straps are parallel
to the pipes when you tighten and cutoff ends.

For 1999-2000 grilles: To achieve a slightly more recessed
appearance, you may place the pipe further up the posts.
NOTE: After the strap is tightened around the post, if the pipe wants
to slide up the post, put another strap around the post above the
pipe or wrap a piece of black electrical tape around the post.
This will stop the pipe from sliding up!

For Mazdaspeed and 2001-2006 Miatas with tiedown hooks in place,
attach at the tiedown hooks. No pipes needed!
With the grille laying face down on the bottom of the mouth, begin
threading straps through the tag holes and the target diamonds.

For ALL Miatas, thread the straps using the "Counting Diamonds"
TOP 2 STRAPS: For 1990-20064, tag holes - 5 diamonds from the
center at the top.

For 1990-2000 and 2001-2006 with no tiedown hooks, 7 diamonds
from the center. This is in front of the extension pipes provided
For 2001-2006, 2 diamonds up and 2 diamonds in from outer edge
Next do the lower straps.

For the Mazdaspeed Miata and the Forward Profile 2001-2006 Miata
you use the tiedown hooks, Use the 2 'n 2 measurement at the
bottom outer edge. This is about in front of the tiedown hooks.

Thread each of the 4 straps through a diamond at the top
or bottom, but make sure it is a closed diamond for each strap.


Recommended Positions for Grille from leading edge of the mouth:

M1 (1990 - 97)

M2.0 (1999 - 2000)

M2.1 (2001-2006)Forward Profile

M2.2 (2001-2006)Mazdaspeed MidProfile

Adjust the lockheads behind the mesh BEFORE you begin the final
tightening of the straps. Cutoff excess strap.
Tuck nub behind the mesh.

Use the small flat tool (letter opener works great) to smooth the
trim's contact with the surface of the mouth.

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